How Does the President Justify Having a Kill List?

Have you ever heard of Ben Swann, a Toledo reporter/analyst on local Fox news? I hadn't. But someone pointed me to one of Swann's recent four-minute segments, "Reality Check," in which he asks Obama how he justified having a kill list that includes American citizens who've never been charged with a crime—and then concisely analyzes both the constitutional issues and the reasons the national news media are giving Obama a pass. It is well worth your four minutes of watching time. 

It left me wondering: Why doesn't every reporter demand answers in this way? Why isn't local TV news always like this?  My lord, this is far more worth discussing than most of what we saw from Charlotte last week. 


Simple. They are charged with treason, as they defected to an enemy force and no longer count as american citizens. Given they now kill american citizens, or set out to do so, they are not protected by him.
It's no different than if someone started shooting at people, the police wouldn't have to charge him to take him down.

If the president could apprehend them, he would. But they are an armed threat, and that would be throwing good officer's lives away.

His priorities lie in protecting his citizens, not those who try to kill them.
And while I am against the death penalty, I support Obama in this case.

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