Meet Trey Gowdy, GOP Benghazi Attack Dog


AP Photo/Cliff Owen

Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina

Since House Speaker John Boehner announced the creation of a select committee to investigate the Benghazi affair, Republicans have been saying it will be a serious investigation, while Democrats have been saying it will be a partisan circus. To get a sense of who might be right, I spent some time watching YouTube videos of Rep. Trey Gowdy, the heretofore obscure second-term Tea Party congressman from South Carolina whom Boehner named to lead the committee.

There are a lot of these videos of Gowdy in congressional hearings, posted by conservatives, with titles like "Gowdy DESTROYS Obama Admin Stooge!" He's obviously very popular among the base. To call Gowdy prosecutorial would be an understatement. Uniformly angry and outraged, these videos show Gowdy always seemingly on the verge of shouting, he's so damn mad. Like any good lawyer, he never asks a question to which he doesn't already know the answer. But when a witness gives him an answer other than the one he expects, he repeats his question at a slightly louder volume and angrier pitch, as though the question hadn't actually been answered.

This is a good example, in which Gowdy blasts the director of the National Park Service for closing national memorials during the government shutdown, thereby allowing Republicans to stage a photo op in which they proclaimed their solidarity with veterans wanting to go to the memorials. You'll recall that it was Tea Partiers like Gowdy who pushed for the government shutdown in the first place; this was a lame attempt to somehow shift blame onto the Obama administration for the shutdown, one that didn't work. Instead of thanking the director for making their photo op possible, Gowdy angrily demands that the director tell him the statute that allows him to put barricades around the memorials and prevent our fine veterans from entering them. The director cites the statute that covers the procedures the Park Service is supposed to follow during a shutdown. Gowdy was apparently expecting the director to say, "I have no idea" or evade the question, so he asks the question a couple more times as though it were being evaded. If you didn't speak English, you'd probably think this tough prosecutor has really got this witness on the ropes:

Which tells you why Gowdy got picked for this job. John Boehner is doing this for the base, and the base wants someone who will channel the anger and contempt they feel for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the administration. Gowdy, a former prosecutor, is already referring to this enterprise not as an investigation but as a "trial," making clear that he sees his job not as finding the truth but as convicting the accused. And for someone who has supposedly been obsessed with Benghazi, he doesn't seem to have much of a grasp on what the multiple investigations of the issue have already revealed. So what we're likely to see is a lot of desk-pounding, a lot of "Answer the damn question!", and not much (or any) wrongdoing actually uncovered.

Of course, I'm assuming that there isn't actually some bombshell revelation just waiting to be discovered. I'm pretty sure I'm on firm ground on that one, though. And it's possible that Gowdy will lead a professional, sober, thorough investigation that will win him kudos from all observers, regardless of their ideology. But a professional, sober, thorough investigation isn't what his party's base really wants. They want to see members of the Obama administration squirm in the witness chair. They want some fireworks. And Trey Gowdy is just the man to give it to them.


Rarely, if ever am I in total agreement with the author; but on this sentence we COMPLETELY agree: “Of course, I'm assuming that there isn't actually some bombshell revelation just waiting to be discovered.” I completely agree, the facts are quite clear: the administration lied to maintain the “Al Qaeda is on the run” story – so what? Why does that matter anyway – it was three years ago? What kind of bombshell are we looking for?

So you're the Hlllary Clinton parrot, or "dude, that was two years ago.." screed. To put it in context of "what does it matter", and in your crazy world, "three years ago", recall the gent from Mozilla who exercised his 1st Amendment right six year ago, and supported a cause he was in favor of. But, in marches the gay Al Kaeda, and whoosh, his life is turned upside down.
Benghazi is important because, like so many acts of malfeasance commited by the O admin, it was swept under the table, lied about, and continues to be lied about. Why is there so much untruth on the left? I don't know how people on the left, particularly those who actually support the current pack of (fill in the blank_____), can sleep at night. Wait. Yes I do. They lack a soul and a conscience.

And just what was lied about? And what continues to be lied about? Just because the facts don't support what you want to believe doesn't mean someone is lying or hiding something.

The increasingly known facts don't support the lies that the white house told the world.

Lies such as the attack was the result of a youtube video, for example.

Deliberate lies and obfuscation.

These Libs act like Obama never lies, when in fact - it's all he does.

IRS - 'intolerable and inexcusable' then "not a smidgen of wrong doing"

ACA - "keep you doctor", "$2500 savings/family", "keep your healthcare"

"shovel ready projects" blah blah blah

Of course no one is ever fired or disciplined or thrown in jail!!!

Never try to be logical with a wingnut. Republicans really must be some sort of a kink in evolution--they will eventually die away under there own stupidity.

Read the last 20 pages of the Benghazi report by the Senate Select Committee. It nicely sums up the information and/or witnesses that were withheld, and the complete lack of accountability for anyone responsible, which includes those responsible for the security situation and the attackers themselves. Maybe if these issues have been addressed we wouldn't have a need for more investigations.

Aren't the last 20 pages of the committee report the separate statement of the Republican members of the committee? Why should we expect objective analysis from them? Citing them as your source of proof means nothing.

Read the last 20 pages of the Benghazi report by the Senate Select Committee. It nicely sums up the information and/or witnesses that were withheld, and the complete lack of accountability for anyone responsible, which includes those responsible for the security situation and the attackers themselves. Maybe if these issues have been addressed we wouldn't have a need for more investigations.

Tommy. Seriously? Why does it matter. It matters to all of us, to the families. What's wrong with the truth here. 3 years ago? No, not even two Dude.... we need the truth, then hey lets move on.... until then I will watch Trey Gowdy make the libs cry.

The left seems pretty freaked out by Trey Gowdy. They probably should be.

You actually think we are freaked out by HOWDY DOODY GOWDY? I am sure that is on your wingnut welfare script 'what to say about Gowdy'. By the time we get thru with him he will be asking where to go to get his dignity back? Guess where? Nowhere. So, go get your WNWelfare check for today and run along like a good little RWNJ.

What a great guy and true American Gowdy is. The Democrat Party should be in fear. Further, Ted Cruz is just getting started on those Marxists. Stay tuned.

WOW. All the wing nuts are out today. The wingnut welfare group must be giving out bonuses this week.

tcgcuriouscargo..... We are not nuts. If this were your son or brother YOU WOULD WANT THE TRUTH. But since it is not, you are willing to allow your own president to lie and cover it up.

Mercedes7777777........ Don't be to rough on tcgcuriouscargo. Based on the depths of his comments and name calling, this person is at most 8 years old.

"Ted Cruz is just getting started on those Marxists"

Marxists ? Really?

Bring it on fool. You are obviously borderline insane, but whatever helps destroy the remaining minimal credibility of the HOP with the mainstream is fine with me. More "Palin" please! How did that work out for you reactionary cranks?

And so the smear campaign begins. Progressives can't defend the cowardly inaction of their empty-suit president, so they attack Gowdy.

Well, good luck with that, because Gowdy is honest and competent -- two virtues utterly lacking in Barack Hussein Obama.

Unfortunately so was Ken Starr and look what the left and the media did to him.

The American people grew sick of him. Bring it on. Help turn the GOP into a little white dinosaur.

Why are the dems so worked up about this? Are there emails out there that haven't been destroyed or obfuscated regarding these issues? If not I guess we will find out what really happened when a US Ambassador asked for help while being firebombed and the SOS and POTUS just yawned and rested up for a fundraiser.

Again, the left turns to identity politics. The authors lame attempt to discredit Gowdy fails miserably.

Identity politics says the gay baiting, liberal bashing, white collar lynching of a twice elected BLACK President who spanked your white butts all over the board. What am I even thinking, of course it all boils down to one thing and one thing only. BLACKIE BEAT YOU.....TWICE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Obama's heritage doesn't bother me in the least but, can you honestly tell me the racial heritage of the most conservative justice on the SCOTUS for the past 23 years doesn't bother you? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Sure it was Trey Gowdy's fault that Obama closed the open-air-unguarded WWII memorial.

OMG. WNDaily crowd arrived just in time.

Not me.

And it cost them a lot more to harass the vets than just let them in. Obammy is a fraud.

How about a refresher on the Nixon attack dogs... waiting.

"Attack dog" is an apt description. Both sides have them, so the question isn't "attack dog" or "not attack dog," it's "what kind of attack dog?" Anyone who knows dogs (and the term does refer to dogs) knows the difference bewteen an untrained dog that for whatever reason(s) is aggressive, and an inherently intelligent dog that is trained (read: experienced) and thus attacks (1) only under proper conditions, and (2) using just the level of force necessary (read: under control).

The real question here is, "What kind of attack dog is Trey Gowdy?" As a political junkie, I find that question to be very interesting. We shall see.

The email crafted by Ben Rhodes was a bombshell. It took an FOIA request from Judicial Watch to get it released. It clearly showed a cover-up beginning within 48 hours after the attack. You can be sure this administration is continuing to stonewall because they know they've obstructed. There's more to come.

Methinks thou protest too much.
whenever the president is involved, you never have to wait too long for an extremely racist liberal to check in. It is clear to me that you are one such racist. Everything is filtered through the prism of racism for you - no issue stands alone, and even when staunch Liberals are talking about the reception the White House has committed concerning Benghazi
I contend that people like you believe in your soul that blacks are inferior, and you feel so terrible about it that you have to scream that everyone else's racist in order to prove how racist you are not.
There really is no other explanation for your obsession with racism.

Someone asked in a post here "What was lied about"? President on 26 Oct 2012 in Denver to reporter Kyle Clark said this:
we are finding out exactly what happened,” the president again said. “I
can tell you, as I’ve said over the last couple of months since this
happened, the minute I found out what was happening, I gave three very
clear directives. Number one, make sure that we are securing our
personnel and doing whatever we need to. Number two, we’re going to
investigate exactly what happened so that it doesn’t happen again.
Number three, find out who did this so we can bring them to

To me this is a lie until someone cites to me a venue/occasion/event in those "last couple of months" when he spoke about about those directives. When you google his "3 very clear directives" you never get a hit dated earlier than 26 Oct. He lied, provable. That makes me doubt his directives. Think about it, if he really gave the directives, wouldn't witnesses/recipients of the directives be stepping forward? Wouldn't minutes of that meeting be released?

If anyone can get the truth from this white house, yes it is Trey Gowdy. He is a bulldog.
I will love watching this.
Political? No, if Obama, Hillary, Rice , Carney would have all just told us the truth, we would not have to be doing this. This administration is full of lies. Now I have two questions: 1. WHY WAS HELP NOT SENT. 2. WHERE WAS OUR FAKE PRESIDENT.

Funny how we know exactly where he's at when he's taking credit for something positive like "capturing" Osama, but not the bad stuff. We don't know what He and Hillary discussed at 10 on the evening as the embassy burned. Rest assured, it's probably Bush's fault or Cheney's anyways!!!

The greater impact on our Nation, greater than lying to the people's faces, is the impact abandoning our soldiers is having on those serving our Nation today. The military sees Benghazi as the time when those who command us turned their backs on us knowing we were dying. This has caused a shudder to fly through the services. What do we tell our soldiers now? How do we let them know they are fighting for a good cause when the president himself turned his back on the efforts of those in Benghazi? How can we ever trust this man again? He abandoned our brothers when they needed their country the most.

Aren't the last 20 pages of the committee report the separate views of the Republican members of the committee? And you expect them to be an unbiased analysis of the situation? Citing the last 20 pages proves nothing.

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