The Ted Cruz Immigration Shuffle

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National Journal’s Beth Reinhard has a great look at Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s transformation from pro-immigration policy advisor for George W. Bush, to right-wing, fire-breathing opponent of reform.

When he was working for Bush, he crafted the campaign’s immigration policy, which included a sped-up application process, a greater number of work visas, and a provision that allowed relatives of permanent residents to visit the United States. Now, Cruz seems categorically opposed to anything that smacks of comprehensive reform. Reinhard notes that this transformation is a little baffling to people who have followed his career over the years:

The route Cruz chose, from working on the reform-minded Bush campaign to voting against the bill Wednesday as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, confounds some of those who crossed paths with him. His role on the Bush campaign is a lesser-known part of the biography of a politician increasingly viewed as a potential presidential contender in 2016.

“I’m disappointed in Ted because he’s a very bright, articulate lawyer with a substantial base of knowledge about immigration,” said Houston lawyer Charles Foster, who advised the Bush campaign on immigration and said he worked closely with Cruz. “But instead of using that knowledge, he’s acting like a typical politician and just talking about the border being out of control.”

Cruz’s office defends the shift as representative of different duties—then, Cruz was responsible for articulating policy for then-Governor Bush, now he’s representing Texas voters—but I don’t think you need to go that far to explain what Cruz is doing, and has done, with his shift on immigration.

Cruz presents himself as a principled operator, but the truth is that like all deft politicians, he’s willing to shift positions when necessary. In 2000, George W. Bush had introduced “compassionate conservatism” into the political lexicon, and a whole host of ambitious conservatives worked to turn that into a workable agenda, including Cruz.

At the moment, Tea Party conservatism is dominant in the Republican Party, and Cruz has adjusted accordingly, riding a wave of anti-government discontent to the Senate, where he’s built a reputation for brash opposition to the business of governing. And again, this is a reflexion of ambition. You just have to listen to Cruz speak to know that he wants to be president of the United States. And he’s betting—not unreasonably—that sticking with the Tea Party is his best path to the prize.


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Combined with current laws, the legalization would be a pathway to massive new welfare expenditures, job competition, chain migration and more illegal immigration.

1. It would cost trillions of dollars in extra government spending on social services.

2. It would immediately put millions of illegal aliens in front of the employment line to hold or take U.S. jobs while 20 million Americans who want a full-time job can't find one.

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If you cannot deport the illegal aliens at least do NOT reward these illegal aliens with citizenship, traitors

I am in California, I saw crowds waving the MEXICAN flag celebrating, some idiots here are still supporting the bill

If you cannot deport the illegal aliens at least do NOT reward these illegal aliens with citizenship, traitors.
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A false excuse: " Citizens cant find jobs because they arent looking" sorry but you are very wrong. The issue is: both citizens and illegals can do the job and very willing to do the job, but the illegals will be hired only! why? because the illegals accept lower wages since they do not pay taxes and they send the money to their home country where the cost of living is so low and what he/she earns here is more than enough for the family back home, however a low wage wont be sufficient for us and our families because we pay taxes and the cost of living is high in the States, if these illegal (or legal) immigrants did not compete with us the employers would have no choice but to pay us fair wages. It is not a rocket science to understand, just see how importing foreign folks is unjust to the citizenry
I urge every American to send messages to these lawmakers, send clear messages through all available communications to them that this is NOT what the American people want, please do not sell us out. Now new illegal will do the job the illegal amnesty worker won't do, and the cycle will continue for ever, we had several amnesties for illegal immigrants before but the problem of the illegal immigration just got worse after each amnesty, it does not make sense to let more immigrants (legal or illegal) in while the citizens are jobless period. Do not sell out your fellow Americans please

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