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The Dennis Kucinich Debacle

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At 4 a.m. Saturday morning, Salon’s Glenn Greenwald put up a 2,500-word blog post that excoriated my post from earlier in the week, “So Long But Not Farewell to Dennis Kucinich.” I'd written four paragraphs that amounted to a light-hearted farewell for the congressman, quickly noting both his most famous political efforts and two of his more well-known personal stories. Greenwald portrayed the article—along with pieces at The Washington Post and The New Republic—as a contemptuous and mean-spirited celebration of Kucinich's defeat in last week’s Ohio Democratic primary.

State of the Week

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This week's State of the Week is ... Florida!

Rush Limbaugh's Bust Is a Go

Imagine you were the speaker of the Missouri state House. In addition to legislating and naming committee chairmen, you'd also have a pretty awesome perk: choosing who gets bronze busts in the state Capitol rotunda. Who to pick might be a challenge. As The New York Times notes, there are a lot of famous Missourians without the giant casts, from modern folks like Maya Angelou to old West heroes.

Minority Parties Get Feisty in Budget Battles

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Legislatures in Washington state and Virginia have both garnered plenty of national attention for their fights over culture wars—the push to recognize gay marriage and the controversial debate over requiring pre-abortion sonograms. But with their lawmaking sessions winding down, both states are in the midst of epic budget battles, that will almost definitely force them into special sessions. In both cases, parties out of power are using the budget debates to leverage their positions, gambles with big potential risks and payoffs should they succeed.

So Long But Not Farewell to Dennis Kucinich

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(Ready Abby's response to Salon's Glenn Greenwald.)

The Daily Show, April 11, 2011:

John Oliver: Help me understand how you have been re-elected in the state of Ohio?

Representative Dennis Kucinich: Harmony and understanding, sympathy, and trust abounding.

John Oliver: Are you quoting the musical "Hair"?