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Daily Meme: Cold Days in Political Hell

  • Let's face it: Despite the greeting-card companies' efforts to convince us otherwise, February is the absolute armpit of the calendar year. But if you're sitting underneath your happy lamp, swathed in layers of post-Christmas fat and long underwear, and thinking that things couldn't get any worse, take heart—at least you're not a politician in Georgia this week.

Daily Meme: The Afterlives of Public Officials

  • This week, Ben Bernanke turned in his magic wand of fiscal wizardry and officially stepped aside as Federal Reserve chair. So what next? What new heights does one scale, or what hills of money does one slide down, after you've conquered your own particular corner of the world? In Bernanke's case, he's headed into the tank—the think tank, that is.

Daily Meme: The State of Our Union? Super-Stoked, Apparently

Daily Meme: It's Complicated—The Wendy Davis Story

It's not going to be all pink sneakers and inspiring grassroots action this week for the Wendy Davis gubernatorial campaign down in Texas. On SaturdayThe Dallas Morning News broke the story that key fac

Rob Ford's Tragedy, Our Shame

AP Images/Chris Young, The Canadian Press

To say that the world is cruel and that the Internet is a public square harsher than any stocks-strewn space the Puritans could have dreamed up is to state the obvious. The proven success of judgmental content is why we have to put up with Perez Hilton’s near-nakedness at red carpet events. That acknowledgement aside, I can’t help but find the coverage of Toronto mayor Rob Ford—of crack smoking and drunken-tirade infamy—more than a little off-putting.