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A Talk with Sherrod

On Friday March 10, the Prospect hosted the second in its series bringing together elected officials and a select group of journalists. The guest was Congressman Sherrod Brown, a Democrat who represents Ohio's 13th district, which includes suburban Cleveland and Akron. Brown is a candidate for U.S. Senate this year, running against Republican incumbent Mike DeWine. A recording of the event is available here.

Michael Tomasky: Congressman, thank you for coming.

Straight Talker

Last Friday, the Prospect launched its new breakfast series to bring together top journalists and political leaders. The first guest was Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. The 16 journalists included six Prospect writers and editors, along with: James Fallows and Josh Green of The Atlantic; columnists Jules Witcover and Marie Cocco; Walter Shapiro of; Paul Glastris and Zack Roth of The Washington Monthly; Ellen Ratner of Talk Radio News Service; Ari Berman of The Nation; Josh Orton of Air America Radio; and Terence Samuel of The conversation lasted just short of one hour and was entirely on the record. The transcript follows. Next month's breakfast will probably feature Nancy Pelosi.

Editors' Pick: The Bolton Bulletin

Today and tomorrow, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee considers John Bolton's nomination to the post of U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Why is he meeting such opposition? Here, a compilation of the Prospect's coverage of Bush's new diplomat.

Control Freak
Wade Boese

John Bolton would rather keep America free of commitments than keep the world free of nuclear weapons.


Welcome Aboard, Joe

American Prospect Executive Editor Michael Tomasky announced today that the Prospect has hired Joe Conason to serve in a new position as the magazine's Investigative Editor. Conason, the well-known investigative journalist, political columnist, and best-selling author, will oversee the Prospect's new emphasis on investigative reporting. He will assign, edit, and write articles, and he will join the magazine formally on January 24.

Prospect Conference on C-SPAN2

Beginning at 5:53 tonight, the TAP emergency summit conference on the foreign policy crisis, held last Tuesday and Wesndesay and featuring Wesley Clark, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Theodore Sorensen, and many more, will be rebroadcast. The speeches by Clark and Brzezinski are two of the most effective challenges to America's current foreign policy that we've heard.

Here is the original schedule.