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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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Cash Doesn't Actually Rule Everything Around Me.


John Sides uses Meg Whitman’s recent slide in the California gubernatorial race to make a good point about the reality of being a self-financed candidate:

Try Harder Joe Scarborough.

Joe Scarborough’s debut column for Politico isn’t very good:

My opponent’s misstep in 1994 may, in part, explain the biggest mystery surrounding Barack Obama: How did a president sitting at 70 percent in the polls manage to squander so much political capital and personal goodwill in just two years?

In 2008, Obama won with a huge wave of independent voters. In 2010, polls show independents leaving Democrats in droves.

Don't Blame Obama for the Enthusiasm Gap

Democratic voters have never been that thrilled about voting in midterm elections, and there isn't much the president can do to change that.

(White House/Pete Souza)

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, President Barack Obama took the opportunity to express his deep frustration with Democratic voters' lack of enthusiasm. Sounding more like a parent than a president, Obama said it was "inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines" and added that it was "irresponsible" for Democrats not to vote in November.

The Coming Administrative Presidency.

I'm inclined to agree with Joe Klein's take on the choice of Pete Rouse to serve as Rahm Emanuel's replacement:

I don't know Rouse very well. I don't know what his priorities will be. Early reports emphasized his "calming" effect and his long career as a Congressional insider. But if this no-drama White House gets any calmer, it'll be comatose. There's a need for energetic, non-Congressional, non-insider voices in the inner circle. Some wise executives like Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell would be welcome.

Tom Friedman Hates Democracy.

I thought Atrios had the right take on Tom Friedman's latest, "Tom Friedman wants a third party with no constituency to enact his preferred agenda. [I] have only seen that column written 3 trillion times before:"

There is a revolution brewing in the country, and it is not just on the right wing but in the radical center. I know of at least two serious groups, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast, developing “third parties” to challenge our stagnating two-party duopoly that has been presiding over our nation’s steady incremental decline. [...]