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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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Food Safety Is Less Important Than Showering Rich People With Money.

Apparently, Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn loves two things in this world: needless obstruction and salmonella:

Coburn's office confirmed to POLITICO on Tuesday that the Republican is objecting to moving forward with the bill on the grounds that it will add to the burgeoning federal budget. Coburn has become the GOP champion for demanding that legislation be fully paid for, staging or threatening filibusters this year on legislation ranging from war spending to unemployment benefits.

"Yes, he’s concerned the bill is not offset," said Coburn spokesman John Hart. "We can’t afford to spend money we don’t have any longer."

Hands Caught in the Cookie Jar of Racism.

These two pictures come courtesy of Fitsnews.com and the National Federation of Republican Women's annual Board of Director's meeting in Charleston, South Carolina:


Better College Guidance.

From the National Bureau of Economic Research is a new paper from Harvard University's Christopher Avery, which reports the results of a pilot study on the effects of college counseling for "high-achieving, low-income students." The short of it is that for those students, college counseling significantly influenced student outcomes through application choice rather than application quality. Put another way, students in the study were more likely to apply to more competitive schools but weren't as keen on some of the methods to improve their applications.