Jillian Keenan

Jillian Keenan is a freelance writer in New York.

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Should Rape Porn Be Banned?

Given that consumption of "extreme" pornography does not lead to real-world violence, outlawing it only sends the message that those who enjoy it—including women—are deviant.

Press Association via AP Images

Last week, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to make it a criminal offense to own or view pornography that simulates rape. It’s already illegal to produce such “extreme” pornography in the United Kingdom; the proposed law will make it illegal to possess it, too. Some American groups, such as the interfaith non-profit Morality in Media, have been fighting for the United States to pass similar legislation for a long time. Morality in Media’s “War on Illegal Pornography” campaign, for example, holds violent porn responsible for a host of social ills, including domestic abuse and increased crime. These activists have an important goal: to protect women from real-life sexual violence.