Joel Anderson

Joel Anderson is better known in the blogosphere and Twitterverse as blackink12 of PostBourgie. He is currently a newspaper reporter in Florida and has worked at several news organizations, including The Associated Press, for nearly a decade.

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TAP Talks Treme: Smoke My Peace Pipe

A different look at what housing projects mean, our mostly fruitless search for sympathetic institutional figures, and Davis walks the friends-with-benefits line.

Tim Fernholz: It's nice to see Creighton actually teaching and appearing to accomplish his task well, even if he carries on with the usual polemic. It's a much more impressive setting for his arguments than his house.

Alexandra Gutierrez: I wonder if there's any connection between Creighton and Billy Sothern. The same Lafcadio Hearn letter that Creighton read to his class opens Sothern's book Down in New Orleans: Reflections from a Drowned City , which recounts what happened to the city after the storm -- basically the same project as Treme.

<i>TAP</i> Talks <i>Treme</i>: Shame and Shallow Water

Davis pulls a John Mayer, hope for Annie, and why the women of NOLA are more impressive than the men.


Joel Anderson: As my wife said, any conversation that starts with "Hey, white boy" is bound to end terribly. Davis is really lucky he walked out of there with only a busted mouth.

Aminatou Sow: Davis pulled a John Mayer! He absolutely deserved that punch and maybe now he'll finally learn to be a good neighbor.

JA: Maybe it's a wake-up call for him because, really, I had to rewind the DVR when I watched that scene. I couldn't believe he felt that comfortable.

And it's telling that no one came to his defense. Because really, there is no defense for that.

TAP Talks Treme: At the Foot of Canal Street

This week's bad guys, the appeal of idealistic European musicians, and bets are on that Mardi Gras is the season finale.

Tim Fernholz: I found this to be the most interesting week of Treme thus far -- these characters are starting to become a lot more interesting. Who else is excited about Davis' musically inspired Council bid?

TAP Talks Treme: Right Place, Wrong Time

The social hierarchy of musicians, shades of Shake the Devil Off, and can there be good disaster tourism?

Joel Anderson: I think the third episode was the best so far. Which isn't a surprise. And I'm liking Antoine (Wendell Pierce) a lot more than I thought I would, mostly because it's bound to be fun -- or at least interesting -- wherever he turns up. Still not sure that I was ready to get that familiar with his hindquarters, though.

Aminatou Sow: "I brought beignets. ... Who you fuckin'?"

Phyllis Montana LeBlanc [who plays Antoine's girlfriend] for the win! And Pierce deserves an award for his facial expressions in that opening scene.

Strong, beautiful episode. And so quotable!

<i>TAP</i> Talks <i>Treme</i>: Meet de Boys on the Battlefront

The problem with white do-gooders, what really happened with Albert and the burglar, and how Treme offers the strongest class narrative since Roseanne.

Joel Anderson: True story: Everyone from Louisiana puts hot sauce on everything.

Aminatou Sow: Welcome back to Glee: Bayou Edition. I love how they just casually dropped "mulâtresse."

Alexandra Gutierrez: Given that Coco Robicheaux tossed that line off while sacrificing a chicken on live radio, I'm not even sure that was the most notable part of his cameo.

Tim Fernholz: The authenticity battle commences in earnest: Who has more symbolic credibility, Iraq veterans or Katrina veterans?