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Joel Anderson is better known in the blogosphere and Twitterverse as blackink12 of PostBourgie. He is currently a newspaper reporter in Florida and has worked at several news organizations, including The Associated Press, for nearly a decade.

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TAP Talks Treme

David Simon creates some strong female leads, the return of Mystikal, and John Goodman's obnoxious activist intellectual.

(HBO/Skip Bolen)

Joel Anderson: First things first, they're spot-on with regard to the accents. Also, people from New Orleans dance unlike people from anywhere else. So far, this "feels" right.

Before we go any further, I should probably admit my secret shame: I've never seen a complete episode of The Wire. So most references to it will go completely over my head.

I'm sorry.

Try not to judge me.

Tim Fernholz: Probably for the best, actually, in writing about Treme.

Aminatou Sow: You're so right about the accents and the feel. I was so not ready to see a naked Steve Zahn.