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Patrick Caldwell is a writing fellow at The American Prospect.

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When Will Rick Perry Start Running for President?

The Wall Street Journal wrote yesterday afternoon that Rick Perry was ready to jump into running for president. The sourcing for the piece was incredibly unconvincing; I'm not sure how one "normally reliable Republican source" who is clearly not part of Perry's camp would know the Texas governor's intentions (and for what it is worth, Perry's official advisers have said a decision is still weeks away). But my major qualm lies with the timeline described for Perry's announcement.

The Republicans' No-Plan Job Plan

Members of the House Republican leadership gathered yesterday to announce their new proposal for job growth. In the 2010 midterms, Republicans continually hammered Democrats for not focusing 100 percent of their time on job creation, though once elected, the GOP has spent the majority of their time gutting funding for liberals' favorite programs rather than restarting the economy. Republicans are likely shifting attention back to their pledge on jobs after Rep.

Dems Can't Just Rely on Millionaires for Tax Increases

Senate Democrats plan to introduce taxes on the extremely wealthy to combat Republicans' insistence that taxes must be off the table in a deficit-reduction deal. According to The Hill, they want to either cut the Bush tax cuts for people earning over $1 million a year or alternatively add a 3 to 5.4 percent surtax on millionaires and billionaires.

Tom Coburn Is Sad About the Mess He Created

As the Prospect's Jamelle Bouie also notes, earlier this week Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn abandoned the Gang of Six, the bipartisan group of senators negotiating a deal for deficit reduction. Any compromise reached by the five remaining senators will likely go nowhere without Coburn's conservative cred.

Coburn turned to The Washington Post's editorial pages to explain his decision, though he devotes the bulk of the piece to lamenting gridlock in the Senate.

Rick Perry Is Not Running for President

The docket of candidates for the Republican presidential field has almost finalized after a slow start earlier this year. It is increasingly clear that Michele Bachmann and Jon Huntsman are primed to enter the field, and both Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump removed themselves out of contention over the last several days. Mitch Daniels and Sarah Palin remain the only prominent possible candidates whose intentions are unclear.