Rowan Kaiser

Rowan Kaiser is a freelance pop culture critic currently living in the Bay Area. He is a contributing writer at The A.V. Club, covering television and literature. He also writes about video games for several different publications, including Joystiq and Gamespy. Follow him on Twitter @rowankaiser for unimportant musings on media and extremely important kitten photographs.

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Thinking Outside the (X)Box

There was soul-searching to spare at the Game Developers Conference, as attendees had some warranted stress over diversity—but they should be sure to remember to work on improving the world outside the industry too.

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Brian Taylor

Urban Playing

The new Sim City looks fantastic, but the video game's political and economic context remains ... absent.

Saving Private Gamer

Why are violent video games popular? Let us list the reasons. 


The debate over violent video games has re-emerged over the past few months, in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. This is due largely to prominent conservatives arguing that the moral corruption of the games is a danger to society.