Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson is the director of the the Institute for Policy Studies' Global Economy Project, and also is the lead author on the Institute’s annual executive compensation report

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Why Supersized CEO Pay Is the Worst—in Three Charts


At the Institute for Policy Studies, we’ve tallied the top 25 highest-paid CEOs for each of the past 20 years.

That’s a total of 500 richly rewarded executives—each one of whom made more in a week than average workers could make in a year. We’re told CEOs deserve these massive rewards because they add exceptional “value” to their businesses. They’re getting “paid for performance.”

Really? Hmm. Let’s consult the numbers.

Happy Birthday, Dear Income Tax

Five lessons for progressives from our first century of income taxes. 



In February 1913, exactly a century ago, the Sixteenth Amendment gave Congress a constitutional green light to levy a federal tax on income. Later that same year, lawmakers made good on that opportunity. An income tax has been part of the federal tax code ever since.