William Greider

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Who Governs Globalism?

For at least a generation the U.S. has propped up the global economy by absorbing the world's surplus of goods. That's not good for the U.S. or its trading partners.

The Great S&L Clearance

During the past decade, the public dialogue surrounding the federal government's regulation of the financial system has been shallow and morally smug and, above all, blind to the emerging realities of deep disorder. Despite the pattern of recurring financial crises, most commentators have clung to the comforting bromides of laissez faire taught by the Reagan era. For each new episode of calamity, they offered evasive explanations that usually blamed the victims -- first the farmers caught in a deflationary collapse of debt, then Texas and the other oil states, next the savings and loan industry, and the largest brokerages of Wall Street itself. Throughout this medley, some of the largest commercial banks have themselves occasionally veered toward the brink.