The State of Our Union in 28 GIFs

Hey, it's almost time to get started!

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Any minute now...
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Still clapping ... (Is the livestream stuck on a loop?)
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Aaaand, let's hear it for the middle class!

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We must keep promises we’ve already made so our young people aren't left holding the bag.
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“Deficit reduction alone is not an economic plan.”
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Everyone likes the idea of a smarter government. It's just vague enough to work!
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Would you like some new jobs, former manufacturing workers?
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Finally, a shout out to fighting climate change.
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Boehner is not amused.
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Preschool for every child in America!
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Immigration reform sounds awesome!

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Until you realize that "back of the line” means ... never?

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HEY GIRL, how'd you like a paycheck fairness act?

Inline image 17


Yes, and a reauthorized Violence Against Women Act, too, thanks!
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It's time to tie the minimum wage to cost of living.
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Was that dainty clap sarcastic, John Boehner?
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Who doesn't love our brave men and women in the military?
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We've got the most serious generals.

Inline image 21


And the best servicemembers, both straight and gay.
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Boehner is still not amused.
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Oh hey, Michelle!
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The camera pans to families of gun-violence victims.

Inline image 27


Nope, Boehner's still not standing.
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That's all, folks!

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Now, who's thirsty?

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What's the source of the first picture? I swear that's my mother in the first row on the far right. Really.

If the best criticism liberals can give Rubio is a sip of water then I underestimated the level of pettiness which exists in the democratic party.

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