The Evolution of MSNBC

It's changed its ideological stripes before, and could again.

No, the Religious Right Hasn't Gone Away

Social conservatives are still around, and the Religious Right is still a force in American politics.

The Unending Terror of the Red-State Democrat

Gripped by such fear that they can't even support a measure that 90 percent of voters approve of.

Claire McCaskill Jumps on the Marriage Equality Train

Support from the prominent Senate centrist is further evidence of how far the cause has come.

Don't Be Naïve. That Speech Was a Revolution

Obama told Israelis last week that the occupation is destroying their country's future.

Gay Rights, There and Back Again

A writer reflects on covering three landmark LGBT cases in the span of ten years.

Battle of the Budgets

Now that Senate Democrats have passed their first budget since 2009, what does it all mean?

Another Court Nominee Down

What were the "extraordinary circumstances" preventing Caitlin Halligan from being confirmed?

Republicans Have Actual Good Idea to Improve Presidential Primaries

Take the debates away from the journalists.

The Super-Sexy Case Against Gay Marriage

When I get that feelin', I need Supreme Court amicus briefs.

Take Social Security and Medicare Off the Bargaining Table

The Democratic leadership has offered cuts to vital entitlement programs before budget negotiations have even begun, and at a time when American's need them most.

A Post-Iraq Security Consensus?

Is the country ready for a new (and cheaper) way of doing national security?

Take That, Political Science!

The Senate has voted to defund research for political science. The implications for other sciences are scary.

Obama: The Republicans' Devil

What the resemblence between the president and the History Channel's Prince of Darkness says about today's GOP.

How to Fix Entitlements? More Immigrants

Allowing more people to live and work in the United States would go a long way toward fixing our fiscal problems.