It's Worse than the Status Quo

Congress passed an extension on the farm bill, dismantling all the good programs, and leaving in all the old and inefficient ones. 

Retreat of the Welfare State?

Is the social safety net getting weaker?

Purity Culture Is Rape Culture

The shocking assault in India reveals that rape isn't about sex—it's about controlling women's lives.

The Final Tally

In the end, Obama scored a solid victory over Mitt Romney.

The GOP's Dangerous Debt-Ceiling Threat

Negotiating on the debt ceiling is anything but responsible.

Conservative Projection Takes a New Angle

We have to govern by crisis, they say, because Obama likes it that way.

Will There Be a Second-Term Obama Administration Scandal?

Recent history suggests there will, but this administration has been remarkably clean so far.

Fracking versus the Boondocks

Promised Land bills itself as an environmental movie, but it’s far more concerned with preserving Dan Barry-esque small-town America mythology.

Holding Steady

The economy is growing at a slow, but reliable, pace.

New Year, New Abortion Restrictions

In Virginia, Governor Bob McDonnell's is trying to avoid a repeat of the transvaginal ultrasound fiasco by certifying the state's latest anti-abortion regulations under the radar.

The Austerity Lobby Loses One

Groups like the Pete Peterson foundation and the Fix the Debt campaign are pouring money into tightening other people's belts. They failed—so far.

Boehner Opens 113th Congress with Sad Posturing

The things this guy has to do to placate his caucus...

New Congress, Same Republicans

The House of Representatives in the 113th Congress will be just as dysfunctional as the last one.

Call it Trafficking

Unpacking the gray moral areas the United States has created when it comes to international adoption.

We Need More Tax Brackets

There's no reason to include the super rich, rich, and sorta rich together.