Obama Wins the Future

On Tuesday, the most diverse coalition in American history re-elected a president—and announced the arrival of an emerging liberal majority.

Warren: Onto the National Stage

With a commanding eight-point victory, the newly minted senator from Massachusetts becomes the leader of the Democratic Party's progressive wing.

A Letter to Conservatives

Some things for them to think about on the occasion of their defeat

One Giant Leap for Gay Rights

Tuesday's victories for same-sex marriage represent a watershed for the LGBT movement.

Election Protection on the Streets of Cleveland

In Ohio, voting-rights group were out in droves on Election Day making sure every vote counted.

Come at the King, You Best Not Miss

Barack Obama wins re-election.

Relief We Can Believe In

Don't sell relief short; it can mean as much as hope and joy.

Northern Virginia: BMWs and Cell Phones

The final Obama push

What Is to Become of Mitt Romney?

Assuming he loses, that is

Mitt Romney Falls Short with White Voters

He isn't winning enough of the white vote.

Handicapping the Marriage-Equality Initiatives

Even if we lose all four ballot battles today, we’re winning the war.

U.S. Voter Turnout: Better Than You Might Think

It's been getting better, and may continue to increase.

What About Today's Election Would Prove Me Wrong?

Some thoughts on election prediction accountability

Get Out the Instagram

We sent Prospect readers on a mission to document their trips to the voting booth across the globe.

Ohio Legal Showdown?

Tips on what to expect from an expert (who thinks it probably won’t come to that)