The Continuing Importance of the Voting Rights Act

If anything, it should be strengthened to combat discrimination all around the country.

Romney's Ambitious First Day

The former Massachusetts governor's goals would be impossible to achieve—that is, if he spelled them out.

What Romney Won't Do On Health Care

He has awful plans that he'll probably never implement.

How Walker Loses in Wisconsin

With time short, what will the Democrats have to do to win?

Obama Brings Conservatives Out of the Closet

Colin Powell came out in favor of what?

Mitt Romney Gets Specific

Sort of. But not really.


Could Israel's new coalition get the ultra-Orthodox to go to work? Not by Netanyahu's methods.

Between "Nauseating" and Fair Game

The recent battles over Bain Capital attack ads has the public searching for the right way to judge presidential candidates.

The Issue Europe Won’t Face

As eurozone leaders clash over how to stave off a catastrophe, the deeper cause of its problems escapes discussion.

What We Don't Need to Know About Bain Capital

We're asking the wrong questions about private equity.

Romney's Promises to Lower Unemployment to 6 Percent. It's Not Impressive

Joblessness will drop to 6 percent, with or without Romney in the White House.

Accentuate the Negative

Yes, Obama is going negative. But it's nothing new, and there's nothing wrong with it.

Clinton as Veep Wouldn't Change the Election

Polls show Obama is doing just fine with women voters.

Winning Was Always a Possibility

Why Romney has always had a good chance of winning the White House.

The War on Contraception Enters the Courts

A new lawsuit has petitioners fighting for the right to impose their beliefs on others with taxpayer money. And the federal courts, increasingly filled with the fringes of the Republican Party—might take the claims seriously.