Mr. Caro's Opus

Some observations on the fourth installment of The Years of Lyndon Johnson

Is Mitt Romney Immune to the Extremist Charge?

Because he isn't an angry politician, he seems "moderate."

Bipartisan Watermelon Destruction

Gary Johnson's first campaign ad falls flat.

Romney Gets a Fact Check

At the Washington Post, a reporter notes the lack of proof that the former Massachusetts governor created jobs at Bain Capital.a

Be Very Afraid

Romney's not only a conservative on economic policy. Appointments in his administration would be made with an eye to the right too.

Bill Clinton Is the GOP's New Favorite Democrat

Mitt Romney has taken to trotting out the former president as the right kind of liberal.

Repeal and Pretend to Replace

Republicans say they want to keep the popular parts of Obamacare, but it's politics over policy.

Rich People: Not That Smart

Go ahead and waste your money.

Rich Republicans Seek to Bring Back Jeremiah Wright

Conservatives plan to spend big bucks dredging up a 2008 boogeyman.

Tie Goes to the President

The U.S. Senate might be headed toward a 50-50 split after the 2012 election, according to one expert analysis.

Mitt Romney, Servant of the Right

Those who believe the former Massachusetts governor would become a moderate once in office are wrong.

Personality Is Not Policy

It's awfully easy to forget.

Crazy and Crazier

Here come the anti-Obama movies.

A State-Federal Standoff over the Death Penalty

Is United States v. Pleau really about federalism, or fundamental morality, colonialism, and the rule of law?