• Maude Barlow

    Maude Barlow is head of the Council of Canadians. This article is adapted from her new book, Blue Covenant, published by The New Press © 2007. Reprinted here with permission.

  • Peter Barnes

    Peter Barnes is the co-founder and onetime president of Working Assets Long Distance. In 1995 he was named Socially Responsible Entrepreneur of the Year for Northern California.

  • Jason Barnosky

    Jason Barnosky is a doctoral student in political science at Brown University.

  • Katherine Barrett

    Katherine Barrett is a principal at Barrett and Greene, Inc., and a correspondent and columnist for Governing magazine. Along with Richard Greene, she is the founding author of the B&G Report, and a consultant to the Pew Center on the States.

  • Jim Barrett

    Jim Barrett heads the Washington, D.C. office of
    Redefining Progress.

  • David Barringer

    David Barringer, a writer and designer, has published four collections of short fiction and a book-length essay, "American Mutt Barks in the Yard," in Emigre 68. As a freelance journalist, he has written for Playboy,
    Details, and the American Bar Association Journal. His most recent book, Johnny Red, will be published by Word Riot Press in October 2005.

  • Jennifer Barros

    Jennifer De Barros is a social worker living in New York.

  • Carolyn Bartholomew

    Carolyn Bartholomew chairs the U.S.?China Economic and Security Review Commission, but the views expressed in this article are her own.

  • Frederick Barton

    Frederick D. Barton is co-director of the Post-Conflict Reconstruction Project, and a senior adviser in the International Security Program, at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

  • Bob Batchelor

    Bob Batchelor is a professor of Public Relations in the School of Mass Communications at the University of South Florida. He is the author of The 1900s: American Popular Culture Through History and Kotex, Kleenex, Huggies: Kimberly-Clark And The Consumer Revolution In American Business. He is also the editor of the forthcoming Literary Cash: Writings Inspired by the Legendary Johnny Cash, which will be published by Benbella books in January 2007.