• WHOA. Just...

    WHOA. Just watched George Allen 's not-quite-a-concession speech. Did he seem drunk to anyone else? --Ezra Klein

    SERIOUSNESS. Hey, Lynn Swann , nice Super Bowl. Thirty years ago, you millstone you. Took down a whole state al most by your lonesome. Ohio used to be fun, too, didn't it, boys? Has anyone seen Ken Blackwell 's pants running down the street by themselves yet? Meanwhile, Don Sherwood seems to have choked late in the campaign, while Rick Santorum 's career has gone to the dogs. I'm sorry. Carville and Begala -- and the rest of y'all here -- can put on your Serious People Of Purpose masks and try to stifle the giggles. I'm in for a big old helping of some full-throated schadenfreude this evening. Hey, Jim Leach , you sweater-wearing fud, you don't think I remember that you were one of the first people to grandstand on Whitewater? And John Sweeney , I hope John Lewis walks by your office and spits on the packing boxes piled up there in memory of your thuggish moves down in Florida in 2000. The Gingrich Revolution -- born in spittle and rage, wounded by chronic corruption and reckless...

    WHAT'S RIGHT WITH KANSAS. In addition to retaining the governorship under the able leadership of Kathleen Sebelius and the third district under Dennis Moore , Kansas Democrats picked up the second district and, even more satisfyingly, kicked out the attorney general, Phill Kline . Kline was a particularly loathsome politician who, in an effort to wrest the social con crowd, subpoenaed the records of women who'd had late term abortions. He was beaten by Johnson County's DA, Paul Morrison . --Ezra Klein

    EVEN SOUTH DAKOTA HAS POSTIVE NEWS : Not only is the draconian aboriton ban heading for defeat , but the ridiculous initiative to impose retrocative legal liability on judges is going down by an 80-point margin. --Scott Lemieux

    RAGGED COATTAILS IN OHIO. Though top-ticket Democrats in Ohio have swept to victory, their coattails may not be long enough to make the gains the party was hoping for in the state's congressional delegation. Here are the numbers -- which we must take on faith from the website of outgoing Secretary of State Ken Blackwell -- in the four key House races. The only Democrat with a lead is Zack Space in the district of disgraced and just-resigned Congressman Bob Ney . District 1 John Cranley D - 64,796 - 48.41% Steve Chabot R - 69,058 - 51.59% District 2 Victoria Wulsin D - 103,160 - 49.21% Jean Schmidt R - 106,414 - 50.76% District 15 Mary Jo Kilroy D - 91,565 - 49.76% Deborah Pryce R - 92,435 - 50.23% District 18 Zack Space D - 98,103 - 61.45% Joy Padgett R - 61,533 - 38.55% --Jim McNeill

    CIV IS A DEMOCRAT TONIGHT. Rahm Emanuel is pushing "A New Direction" as the Dem slogan all night. For the New York Hardcore kids, that's a totemic slogan -- a reference to the first track off Gorilla Biscuits 's classic Start Today album. Here are those '88 NYHC lyrics in full: What do you mean it's time Time for me to grow up? I don't want any part It's right to follow my heart The new kids ran Ran out the back door fast And the bands that came before They had their noses in the air Pretending that they cared about our scene Just because our money's green I'll tell you stage dives Make me feel more alive Than coded messages in slowed down songs Now you're so ashamed Now I'm so ashamed of you We believed the same things You stand to the side Rebirth of hardcore pride! It all came true Too bad you can't see All the good things that I see! --Spencer Ackerman

    THE ROVE MYTH . Remember Josh Bolten 's prediction for the election? "I believe Karl Rove ," Bolten said in an interview in his West Wing office Friday. "Karl Rove, somewhere inside that massive brain of his, has figured out the political landscape more clearly than the entire collection of conventional-wisdom pundits and pollsters in the entire city of Washington." If nothing else, this election will destroy the myth of Rove. He managed to lose the vote in 2000. Win a few seats in 2002. Barely pull out a reelection during a time of instability and war. And then lead his party to historic losses in 2006. Enough of this guy. He could've created an enduring majority after 9/11. Instead, he pursued a strategy of polarization and radicalization, tenuously constructed atop a foundation of corporate handouts (Medicare Part D), perverse policy, and fear mongering. Along the way, he destroyed the country's fiscal health and international prestige. Discrediting his leadership template will be...

    YARMUTH. As Garance notes, Jim Yarmuth is hardly a conservative Democrat; Northup went after him for some of his past writings in Leo , which while fairly tame by the standards of an alternative weekly is still, well, an alternative weekly. Indeed, Northrup's campaign accused Leo of taking Yarmuth's columns offline. I saw Yarmuth in the Democratic primary debate, and he came off quite strong. He'll make a great congressman. I'm not sure I'd say that his victory was entirely unexpected, though. Northrup has won her last two elections by a couple points each, and so was ripe for a fall to a Democratic wave. The Kentucky 3rd is mostly just Louisville, which is liberal by Kentucky standards. --Robert Farley

    PENNSYLVANIA DELIVERS. A number of the seats that have brought Dems the House have come from hotly contested Pennsylvania races. Joe Sestak and Chris Carney have already been declared winners, and now it looks like Lois Murphy and Patrick Murphy will be victorious as well. The war was a deciding factor in these races to be sure -- Sestak, Carney, and Patrick Murphy have all served in the military, and if Murphy wins, he will become the first vet of this war to serve in Congress. Of course, recent scandals cost PA Republicans big time. Allegations that Don Sherwood cheated on his wife and then abused his mistress precluded him from beating Carney. And then of course there's Curt Weldon . Still, these Dems have fought hard on sound platforms all along; it's great to see local races here following the way PA has voted in the last few Presidential races. --Zack Pelta-Heller

    BYE BYE CURT. Curt Weldon lost in Pennsylvania. As a parting shot you can check out Laura Rozen 's complete Weldon ouvre among the pieces here . He will be missed! --Sam Rosenfeld