DEMOCRATS FOR DOUG FEITH. With 81 percent reporting for the PA-10 , Dem Chris Carney is leading incumbent wife-beater (alleged!) Don Sherwood , 54-46. It was an uphill fight for Carney, a first-time candidate and Naval Reserve lieutenant commander, as the northeast Pennsylvania district is heavily conservative, thanks in large part to the decline in Democratic stronghold Scranton: a March trip I took to the district featured the charming homemade roadside sign, EITHER YOU SUPPORT THE TROOPS AND THEIR MISSION OR YOU SUPPORT THE TERRORISTS. So -- hey, CNN just called the race for Carney -- it wasn't an easy fight for Carney, who campaigned on a platform of pulling out troops from Iraq, despite Sherwood's scandals. Of course, one thing needs to be said: Carney is a veteran of the Policy Counterterrorism Evaluation Group, a precursor of the infamous Office of Special Plans, and when I interviewed him in March , he continued to maintain the malicious fiction that a connection existed...

    THE FIRST ALT WEEKLY PUBLISHER IN THE HOUSE? I'm sorry, but this guy does not sound like a conservative Democrat : John Yarmuth, Democratic candidate for U. S. Congress from Kentucky's 3rd District, brings a lifetime of involvement in public affairs to the campaign. John is the founder and executive editor of the Louisville Eccentric Observer, best known as LEO, a 15-year-old newsweekly serving the Louisville, Kentucky metropolitan area. A native of Louisville, Yarmuth is a 1965 graduate of Atherton High School, where he was student government president, and a 1969 graduate of Yale University, with a degree in American Studies. From 1971-75 he was a legislative aide to U. S. Senator Marlow Cook. Cook, a Republican, was the second member of Congress to call for Richard Nixon's resignation in 1974. In 1976, he founded Louisville Today magazine, which he published until 1982. During that time, Yarmuth also published City Paper, an alternative newspaper... Yarmuth is also the founder and...

    DON'T HATE, EMULATE. As Matt says , come morning, GG Parker will be burned in effigy by Democrats everywhere. As Independent Green, her vote total was far larger than the Webb-Allen gap. That said, this may be a case where Dems should cease whining and take the message to heart. As seen in Pennsylvania, Republicans have put serious effort into encouraging Green candidates to run as spoilers. Surely some Christian conservatives or Libertarians could be furnished for the same purpose. --Ezra Klein

    VA RECOUNT? It was widely reported this morning that both George Allen and Jim Webb 's camps were gearing up for a recount. Indeed, with Allen's margin oscillating between 2000 and 20,000 votes it seems unlikely that we'll have a defnitive winner of this race tonight. By extension that means control of the Senate may remain in doubt Sidenote: I'm starting to wince every time I hear the CNN "experts" emphasize the cultural conservatism of the relatively successful red state Democratic candidates like Webb. He didn't gain traction because of his opposition to gay rights,he ran on economic populism, opposition to the Iraq misadventure and other core Democratic issues -- the same ones that won Ohio for culturally liberal Sherrod Brown . --Ben Adler

    CATHOLICS FOR CASEY. I hesitate to report this, since I have argued for years that there really isn't a Catholic vote (votes among Catholics tend to break along the same lines as the general population). With that caveat, I pass on the word from MSNBC that Casey handily beat Santorum among Catholics, winning 57 percent of Catholics, according to exit polls. As I write, Santorum is giving his concession speech, calling Casey "a good man" who will do "a good job" for the people of Pennsylvania. Then he insisted his supporters cough up round of applause for Casey, which is a pretty classy act, especially from a guy who has compared queer folk to practioners of bestiality. --Adele M. Stan

    CARCETTI WINS. Here . (Of course, O'Malley is totally not Carcetti . Not at all.) --Sam Rosenfeld

    STRANGE BEDFELLOWS My family popped the champagne when CNN announced Casey �s victory. My mother-in-law said in her toast that never in her life did she imagine voting for someone who is anti-choice. I was surrounded by a room full of overjoyed feminists and dogs -- my mother-in-law had such strong animosity toward Santorum because of the despicable comments he made equating homosexuality to bestiality that she recently founded PISS (Pets Insulted by Senator Santorum). No one at the party hesitated in voting for Casey today, and yet as soon as CNN cut to a break, they began discussing whether Casey would vote the party line on reproductive rights issues. I guess when the champagne is flowing and things are looking good for the Democrats at the moment, it�s easy to get optimistic. If we really wanted to get ahead of ourselves, however, we wouldn�t just be talking about how Santorum�s loss brings the Democrats one Senate seat closer to control. We�d also be thinking of 2008, and how...

    WEBB - ALLEN: EXTREEEEEEEEEEEMELY TIGHT. Take a look at this . Note who may lose this for Webb -- the Green candidate. UPDATE: Commenters point out that the Independent Green Party, of which this candidate is part, is very different from the Green Party. --Sam Rosenfeld

    MADAME SOON-TO-BE SPEAKER SPEAKS. "We have to go back to work!" Nancy Pelosi declared to a crowd of cheering supporters, referring not (yet) to the task of undoing the last six years of damage wrought upon the country. Rather she was cautioning that the polls haven't closed out west yet, and there is a lot of phonebanking left to do. Things are looking good for Pelosi, though, who looks soon to become the first female speaker of the house in American history. Just moments later KY-3 was called for the Dems -- a major pickup. If they can win in Kentucky they can win anywhere, it would seem. -- Ben Adler

    BELLWETHER'S A RINGING. Earlier in the day I said that CT-05 could be a bellwether for the northeast. Alec in the field says that challenger Chris Murphy is up 10 percent in the staunchly Republican town of Southbury. --Mark Leon Goldberg