INVESTIGATE OR GOVERN! I have no appetite for making election outcome predictions, but one thing that I foresee with certainty is that if the Democrats win anything tonight, the spin over the next few days will be, to quote the Republican I appeared against on the BBC last night: "If the Democrats want to spend the next two years investigating everything, they can forget any hope of winning the presidency in 2008. If they want to work with President Bush and govern, then there's some hope for them."


    TRY AGAIN LATER, SEZ JUDGE. CNN is reporting that the request made by Democrats to keep open polls in Denver an additional two hours has been denied. The Dems appealed for the extension of the voting time because of -- as posted here
    by Ben -- long lines that occurred earlier in the day due to some sort of all-precinct voting scheme that went awry in addition to computer glitches. The judge is said to have decided that those who were stuck in line at the Denver Botanical Gardens polling site could have gone elsewhere to vote, or come back later in the day.

    --Adele M. Stan


    LAST MINUTE PREDICTIONS. Ever the optimist, I'll say the Dems will pick up 32 in the House and 6 in the Senate (RI, PA, OH, VA, MO, MT).

    I could, of course, be wrong.

    --Harold Meyerson


    DOBBS DOES HIS JOB: I've been fairly critical of Lou Dobbs recently, but to his credit he's doing some semblance of journalism today, which many of his colleagues are not. As my colleague Dana pointed out on our Campus Progress blog, most of what tv cable news has covered all day hasn't been news at all. That is, all these segments saying "Harold Ford would be the first black Senator from the South since reconstruction" isn't new, it's been the case since he got the nomination months ago.


    "READY TO TRAVEL, READY TO SUE." Guardedly optimistic news from the land of voter suppression. Here in southwest Ohio�s 2nd congressional district, where late polls showed Democrat Victoria Wulsin with a narrow lead over incumbent �Mean Jean� Schmidt, voting seems to be going fairly smoothly. �It�s going much better than could�ve been expected,� said Michelle Young, part of a bipartisan team of attorneys doing election protection work in heavily Republican Warren and Clermont counties outside of Cincinnati. Both counties have given Democrats jitters in the past.


    TURN OUT ALREADY! I walked over to the Philadelphia DNC headquarters at Broad and Walnut just now, hoping to tap into the voter vibe. The Center City streets were packed with people on their way to lunch, but I didn�t see a single flier or button. The office itself was deserted save for one worker, who was talking on the phone in the back room while he chain-smoked cigarettes. He looked like a union stalwart in his thick denim shirt hovering over the polling locations page in the newspaper; I imagined him to be a big fan of Congressman Bob Brady, who rose to prominence through the carpenters� and teachers� union and who now represents Pennsylvania�s 1st District.


    HERE WE GO AGAIN. I just heard Joe Scarborough on MSNBC, after he and Tucker Carlson and Norah O'Donnell clucked about how Jim Webb and Bob Casey Jr. and Harold Ford prove that Democrats are winning by running as conservatives, claim that �Democrats have come a long way since they prevented Bob Casey from speaking at their 1992 conventions ... and they�re gonna win because of it.�


    MAJOR MACHINE MALFUNCTION?: Classic election day headline from the Denver Post: Voting nightmare: Problems grow worse. The Post reports that


    CLOSE CALL. Fears about de facto voter suppression are well-founded. Today I arrived at my local polling station in Virginia and ran the risk of not being allowed to vote. Virginia requires one form of identification -- of which the voter registration card mailed to you is acceptable. Voter registration card in hand, I was at first prevented from voting when they asked for a second form of ID and I had a driver's license that wasn't issued by the commonwealth of Virginia. (I had to explain to the worker that an out-of-state driver's license is acceptable if the voter also has the voter registration card.)


    ONE MORE PREDICTIONS POST. Is it too late for one more set of dart-throwing educated guesses? As the resident contributor to TAP's Midterm Madness, I feel compelled to embarrass myself with as many wildly inaccurate predictions as my colleagues.

    As it turns out, my take is close to Rob, slightly more optimistic than Sam, and right on track with Ezra.

    * House: Democrats +23