• LAMONT: NOT A...

    LAMONT: NOT A SCHUMER FAN. This anecdote is a few hours old now, but Alec Oveis reported that early this evening he ran into Ned Lamont in CT-05 and they chatted for a few minutes. DSCC chair Chuck Schumer 's name came up. Lamont shook his head ruefully (ok, remember, this is secondhand -- from Alec's description, I detected some rue) and said, to paraphrase, "Schumer...Schumer was pretty hard on us. He played this very tactically from day one." His meaning -- "Schumer screwed me" -- seemed plain enough. --Sam Rosenfeld

    THE KILLING CLOWNS, THE BLOOD MONEY MEN, ARE SHOOTING THOSE WASHINGTON BULLETS AGAIN. The Clash vote has determined at least one race tonight: Daniel Ortega has won in Nicaragua. This is going to be one awesome U.N. Security Council session. --Spencer Ackerman

    TED STRICKLAND WINS. Jim McNeill did a really good piece for us today about the hoped-for resuscitation of the Ohio Democratic Party that gave a vivid impression of Ohio's new governor-elect. UPDATE: Brown wins too. --Sam Rosenfeld

    NAVEL-GAZING . All of us watching Wolf Blitzer on CNN just got treated to a shot of Wolf Blitzer watching Nancy Pelosi watching Wolf Blitzer on CNN. So we were watching Wolf watch Nancy watch Wolf. Whoa. --Ezra Klein

    GET RICH QUICK. Know anyone engaging in some voter fraud or suppression? Want to get rich? MoveOn is offering a $250,000 reward for "new material evidence leading to a felony conviction for an organized effort of partisan voter suppression or electronic voting fraud." This seems very smart. It should be a top priority to round up whomever was behind today's suppression and put them in jail. Messages must be sent, standards set, etc. We invaded Iraq to bring them the democratic process, surely we can throw some dirtbags in prison to protect it here at home. --Ezra Klein

    "COMPUTER GLITCHES." Just keep in mind that every time you hear about a "computer glitch," it means voters have likely been disenfranchised. There's nothing harmless about it. --Mark Leon Goldberg

    LUGAR AND SANDERS WIN. We now have one Republican and one socialist elected to the Senate. --Harold Meyerson

    MASS POLITICS, MINORITY POLITICS. Here in the Bay State, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick is headed for a decisive and historic win. Historic, because he will be Massachusett's first African-American governor, and only the second elected nationwide , ever. Historic also, because race was not really even a part of the conversation about him locally until Republican candidate and Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey ran a series of racially-charged ads against him, accusing him of being so soft on crime that he was virtually pro-rapist. Massachusetts voters, to their everlasting credit, roundly rejected Healey's scare-mongering tactics, and solidified their support for Patrick and intensified their dislike for her in the wake of the barrage . (Unlike Tennessee voters, whose reaction -- as I discuss over at -- to Bob Corker 's attacks on Harold Ford may well have cost him the race.) As Patrick gets set to take the statehouse -- at last putting a Democratic governor back...

    EXIT POLLS. While the cable networks remain maddeningly unspecific, Political Wire has gotten a look at the individual Senate exit polls. The verdict? Democrats take the Senate. I'll caution that 2004's verdict was that Kerry takes the presidency, but well-placed sources I'm hearing of are hinting at a Democratic wave. As the exit polls now stand, Democrats are leading in Rhode Island by 7, Virginia by 7, Pennsylvania by 15, Ohio by 14, New Jersey by 8, Montana by 9, and Missouri and by 2. Republicans are leading in Tennessee by 3 and Arizona by 4. Advantage, Harold . Meanwhile, the courageous Prospect staff huddles around the conference table, anxiously awaiting pizza... Update : CNN just said voters who name terrorism or immigration as their top issues are split . Those are, of course, the marquee Republican issues, so if the numbers are right, we're looking at a wave. --Ezra Klein

    INVESTIGATE OR GOVERN! I have no appetite for making election outcome predictions, but one thing that I foresee with certainty is that if the Democrats win anything tonight, the spin over the next few days will be, to quote the Republican I appeared against on the BBC last night: "If the Democrats want to spend the next two years investigating everything, they can forget any hope of winning the presidency in 2008. If they want to work with President Bush and govern, then there's some hope for them." This is not just a right-wing talking-point. Said with proper earnestness and attitude of "I only want what's best for the country," it's a good line for everyone from those who stand to go to jail as a result of the investigations all the way to the Broder/Matthews wing of the media, and beyond. I've heard similar sentiments from various Washingtonians of all political stripes. Investigate or govern. That's your choice, Speaker Pelosi . And, of course, this is a terrible trap and a false...