• Learn, Damn You Learn!

    Let me state this a bit more clearly: This whole Rove thing is a trap intended to paint Democrats as whiny hippies. If we respond by getting all pissed off and indignant, this will happen . Or we'll let them invade another country just to prove we're not hippies. First, there is a proposal to withdraw from Iraq from Kucinich among others. Then Durbin says the word “detainee” in a way that does not express complete contempt. Now we are just continuing the narrative and allowing the Republicans to shift the public discourse back to the War on Terrah’. By whining about this we are just giving the media an excuse to do a news cycle about “Who is really more dedicated to giving money away to defense contractors: Democrats or Republicans?” instead of Abramoff or the missing billions scandal . Because make no mistake, that is how it is being framed. If this were a Democrat quote, the media would ask questions like “Doesn’t this undermine your base of support?” suggesting that it would...
  • Wanted: Party With Ideas Seeks Packaging

    So I said I'd be gone Monday to Friday. But I didn't say what time Friday. So think of this as a practice post, not evidence of a blogging obsession that won't allow me a full week's vacation. I'm just stretching out, limbering up, preparing to jump off the bench and get back in the game. That, or I've been aching to get back on the blog and tap something out and am truly, totally addicted. Matt's spent much of the week calling bullshit on the scores of lazy journalists unwilling to label the Bush administration's policies as bankrupt without sniffing that the "Democrats clearly have no ideas of their own." As Matt notes, the Democrats have no end of ideas and, if those journalists, like me, had resolved to read every policy proposal CAP, the PPI, and The Century Foundation put out, they'd know full well how staggeringly many ideas Democratic think tanks have kicking around. But they haven't, instead, they ignore the e-mails and push this tired storyline. On the bright side, since the...
  • CP Stuff

    So these guest-bloggers, pretty sweet, huh? They'll be here through the end of the day, but I'm parachuting in for two posts here. The first is in response to popular demand (well, a few e-mails) asking me to link to the Get a Job pieces I do for Campus Progress. Ask and ye shall receive, this week's profile is of Peter Koechley, the youngest staff writer for The Onion. Enjoy . And while you're there, check out the dispatches from CP's undercover reporters at the College Republicans Annual Convention. Fun stuff.
  • The Truth About Beavis and Butthead

    Thanks to Karl Rove I was thinking about hippy-dippy self-esteem psycho-babble last night . He’s pretty clearly trying to link us to the Effeminate Hippy Stereotype. And when I think of Effeminate Hippy Stereotypes, I think of Mr. VanDrisen from Beavis and Butthead. And this is the truth about that show:
  • What a Long Strange Trip It's Going To Be

    Prof. Goose here. Dear Kleinians, you've been great. I hope you've seen from my posts that the issue of petroleum's imminent peak of supply matters and will matter more and more to your lives over time. I also hope you'll continue learning about this complex topic at the many news sources available (e.g., , , ) or even come by The Oil Drum (and add us to your blogrolls, if you are so inclined...) and pull up a comment box sometime. Truth be told, I had planned a couple more posts, but we're having blogger problems over at the home base that need my attention. And, I still have my headache to boot. So, what I will prepare for you below the fold is a discussion of alternate energy sources and how they will likely not be enough to solve the problems of our dependence on petroleum and its wonderful energy density or EROEI (energy returned on energy invested).
  • A Few Words About the Rove Statements

    As posed to Cheney: BLITZER: Let me read to you from comments that Karl Rove … A lot of Democrats are pretty irate about those comments. They want him to retract them. How the question would have been posed if Karl Rove were a Democrat: BLITZER: Let me read to you from comments that Karl Rove … If the top Democrat political strategist is making inflammatory comments like these, how can Democrats be effective leaders in the War on Terrorism? But that's really old news. Given the current climate, this is how we have to deal with this name calling:
  • The Democrat Elevator Pitch

    I was thinking of calling this post Talking Points Memo, but that name is already in use. Atrios points to AmericaBlog issuing a call for better Democrat message control. It requires an echo chamber. But, bloggers are probably too political. You know how too many Democrats and progressive groups in DC are -- they do policy, not politics. Wrong. Until you figure out how to win at politics -- and how NOT to play in to the hands of the right wingers -- you're not doing any good policy. So here is my contribution to the Left Wing Echo Chamber.
  • The Sound of My Voice

    (Hello, Kleinians. Shakes here. This post, crossposted from Shakespeare's Sister , is perhaps a bit unusual for Ezra's place, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.)
  • Takings and the Public Interest

    In a case that has split progressive bloggers--with such luminaries as Atrios and Belle Waring taking the side of the dissenters today--the Supreme Court has ruled in Kelo v. New London that New London's condemnation of property for private economic development was a constitutional taking. This was expected after the oral argument, although the 5-4 decision was closer than many court watchers had anticipated. For reasons I have discussed previously , I believe this was a good decision. The key passage from Stevens' opinion is this: "[t]he disposition of this case therefore turns on the question whether the City's development plan serves a 'public purpose.' Without exception, our cases have defined that concept broadly, reflecting our longstanding policy of deference to legislative judgments in this field." I am sympathetic to the defendants, who were forced to sell their property for what seems to me like a boondoggle, and I understand what O'Connor means when she suggests that "for...
  • In Praise of Dirt

    I’ve seen the recent Star Wars prequels. Besides the usual criticisms , I feel that there was something missing from the visual feel of the new movies. And that thing was dirt.