ACCOUNTABILITY '06. Democrat Bill Nelson won the Florida Republican Senate primary yesterday. Okay, technically, recount queen Katherine Harris won it. But her victory practically ensures Nelson�s re-election this November.

What�s most fascinating in today's Post account of the race is that Harris won on the strength of true-red Republicans in the Sunshine State who, according to the Cook Political Report�s Jennifer Duffy, feel Harris has gotten a �bum rap.� For her part, Harris trumpeted the fact that her �great victory�shows each of us we can overcome adversity to achieve extraordinary victories.� Huh? Only in Harris� twisted mind can a rich heiress who had a sinecure political job, then performed that job so poorly and was so out of the loop about the administration of the 2000 election that she had to punt most of the major questions to subordinates, yet then still won a seat to become just one of 435 Americans privileged enough to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, somehow be characterized as a person who has overcome �adversity� and a �bum rap.� Her political career is the Seinfeldian triumph of nothingness.

Governor Jeb Bush has said out-right that Harris can�t win. (Maybe his prediction is informed by the poor political judgment demonstrated by Harris who, among other gaffes, has claimed that the country needs to elect strong Christians to Congress to limit America�s sinning ways�Um, don�t look for the �Jews for Buchanan� vote to turn out for Harris in Dade County.) But the most delicious part of Harris� self-immolating Senate bid is this: After six long years, the first accountability moment for the Florida Fiasco in 2000 is now just two months away.

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--Tom Schaller