ACTUAL JOEMENTUM. Ah, folks? You folks in Connecticut?. This poll is really bad news for you. (And there's even worse news elsewhere.) It's not fatal -- not with Weepin' Joe Lieberman (I-Green Room) fastening that part of his hindquarters not glued to the Iraq War to the survival of that legislative titan, Dennis Hastert. This is going to be the Nobody-Knows-Nuthin' election of all time, at least until the one in 2008, which should have all the cool logic of those elections they used to hold in the Philippines. However, whatever Ned Lamont is doing in Connecticut is not working. He is losing to someone who appears to have the support of 69 percent of the people belonging to the party of Iraq, Katrina, and Mark Foley's libido, all three of which it allowed to spiral hopelessly out of control. I'm no expert. but that's an issue that really ought to be cutting harder than it is. Consider the potential outcome of a Senator Weepin' Joe, empowered by a statewide endorsement of his brand of mock centrism and his unconquerable ego. This poll -- and were these numbers really as absent from the progressive blogosphere as they seem to me to have been? -- is a solid kick to the nether regions. Please get on the stick.

--Charles P. Pierce