Addiction to a Way of Life

Thanks to Ezra for giving The Oil Drum a voice on this forum.

Gottagetmyfix, man

My colleagues and I are going to be posting on what we, our involved community over at TOD, a growing community of bloggers, and a growing number of experts in many related fields, believe to be the pressing problem of our generation: we all see the petroleum economy as the fundamental lynchpin of our present democratic society and geopolitical system.

The problem is that cheap oil/energy/gas is quietly fading into history, as evidenced by rising oil prices approaching $60/bbl today.  (fyi, adjusted for inflation, the highest prices for an entire year were in 1981 and averaged around $66/bbl, with a day spike of $95/bbl).

The real and tangible crisis of supply and demand is now inevitable, whether the coming crisis arrives in six months or in four years, or whether the crisis arrives in a slow, secular fashion or as a cataclysmic "shock," lives around the world are going to change.

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