All Around the World, People Stop and They Say...

Survey USA has released a 50-state poll of Bush's approval ratings. So if you were wondering what, say, Hawaii thinks of the Commander-in-Chief, now you'll know. I'm not quite woken up yet, so serious number crunching will have to be done by others. Suffice to say that Bush only hits the magic 50% mark in 12 of the 50 states, even Texas isn't willing to give him the much-loved 51%.

Closer to (my) home, Arnold, too, is probably in trouble. Bush is right there in the high-30's with him, a dismal rating that screams target practice to any Dem hopeful willing to take a shot. If the Governator doesn't stop sticking right in his agenda, he's going to get tied to the President, and if he gets tied to the President, he's finished.

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