AMAZINGLY CLOSE...50.2% TO 49.8%

Using CNN's reported results , and rounding to the nearest thousand (both when inputing the numbers into my speadsheet and in the totals)--and noting that there still some votes still to be counted in New Mexico, not that it will upset the overall result to report here--I have a preliminary total of 7.35M votes yesterday for Hillary Clinton and 7.29 for Barack Obama.

Overall, a total vote margin of about 65K despite nearly 15 million total votes cast for one or the other. Ignoring all other stray votes, that gives her 50.2 percent of the two-candidate vote share and him the balance, 49.8 percent.

Stunning, really.

And yet, he may win both more states and, by a marginal handful, more delegates. That's just how close it was.

--Tom Schaller

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