Unlike Jason Zengerle, I found nothing in this Times piece to suggest that Elizabeth Edwards favors Hillary Clinton. I can, however, see why she would support Clinton's pledge to sally forth in the primary, regardless of whether or not she prefers her as a candidate. First, after observing and working with her husband as he pursued the presidency twice, she surely understands very intimately the mindset one must have to be in to run despite facing a sharply uphill battle, as well as how personal success or failure must be for the candidate. Second, as someone whom herself has dealt with a number of personal battles, she must admire the tenacity and persistence Clinton has displayed. And lastly, like many women, she must at least be holding onto some hope of seeing a female president in her lifetime, whether or not she believes that female president should be Hillary Clinton in 2008. I think she could believe all those things and not necessarily favor either candidate. 

--Kate Sheppard