Posted by Nick Beaudrot

Well, I believe our time here has come to an end. Sadly, it's been a slow weekend for news with something of a numerical bend to it; really, the most recent thing I've had to say on the subject of polling is that the more the right to choose is threatened, the more people support it. If you find this sort of thing interesting, you can find my regular postings at;but just as a heads up, I have a day job and I don't use web-based blogging software, so I consider posting once a day to be a success.

Speaking of which, anyone who tells you regular blogging isn't work doesn't know what they're talking about. Try come up with something insightful to say, and then condensing that thought into two or three paragraphs, and then try doing that three or more times a day. It's not easy, even with practice, no matter what the outcomes of all those conferences on blogger ethics are.

Perhaps I'll see y'all again here some other time. But for now I'll hand things back to Ezra and leave you with my attempts to subvert the dominant link hierarchy.