ANNIE IN '06. I don't want to step on brother Sargent's turf here but, I'm sorry, this is just nuts, even by the Olympian fruitcake standards of the person in question. I'd forgotten that it is permissible to say anything about Bill Clinton, but this is straight out of the cafe car of the crazy train. (And does Ann Coulter, of all people, want to open up issues of public sexuality or questions of gender? Sometimes, the fish is just too big for the barrel, I'm just sayin'.) What exactly is the rule about putting public crackpots on television? And, once you do it, and then they act like the public crackpots they are, do you then hype yourself as the network that puts public crackpots on the air? How exactly does that make your network different from some dusty Delta carnival where the guy bites the head off a live chicken?

I do have a solution, though. With all the noise about the Lamont-Lieberman primary in Connecticut, the state's GOP is stuck with this Alan Schlesinger cat, who can't seem to avoid getting sued by casinos for being something of a welcher. (Not for nothing, but didn't casinos used to employ the law-firm of Hillerich And Bradsby to take the knees of such miscreants instead of reaching for the torts?) As I recall, our gal, a native Nutmegger, once pondered a run against that legislative titan, Chris Shays.

How about we have her step into the breach here for U.S. Senate? Here's the whole campaign, already organized and ready to go. Run, Annie, run.

--Charles P. Pierce