Another Op'nin, Another Show.

Hey, TAPPED readers. My name is Dara Lind and I'll be providing guest-blogging services for this (MLK Day-shortened) week. Psyched to be here.

By way of introducing myself: By upbringing, I'm a New York Yankees fan, secular Jew, and Cincinnatian -- in that order. I'm now living in D.C., where I work for an immigration advocacy group (though any opinions I express on the issue are, of course, mine and not my employer's). Immigration is my main area of policy interest, but when not tearing my hair out over deportation statistics, I find myself thinking about gender, political movements, pop culture, and social science. In the past, I've written about all of these things for Spencer Ackerman, Alyssa Rosenberg, and Matt Yglesias, as well as editing and writing at Wunderkammer Magazine. I'm also (in case it needed to be said around here) an unabashed geek, with fields of geekery including, but not limited to, musical theatre and the Muppets.

This week, I hope to raise some tough questions, and provide some explanations. I don't promise they'll be about the same things. Let's roll.

-- Dara Lind

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