THE APPLE FALLS FAR FROM THE TREE. Sounds like Labour's scion isn't too into, well, laboring. Euan Blair, progeny of Tony, has been stateside for the past couple of weeks, interning for Jane Harman. He lasted two weeks. According to subscription-only Roll Call, "Sources contend that it�s because the 22-year-old lad was a wee bit on the spoiled side. One source says Blair, who already had been accepted to graduate school at an Ivy League university this fall, seemed �bored� and uninterested in doing the work of other interns. A source who knew of Blair�s short tenure in Harman�s office said, 'He was a dilettante.'" Sounds charming. I can offer some reportorial substantiation in this case: A friend of mine happened upon him in an elevator recently, and hearing his accent, mentioned that he'd spent some time living in Oxford. "Oxford, aye?" Snorted Blair. "'ome of the gays, that is!"

He should try interning for Barney Frank.

--Ezra Klein