The Field Poll's out (pdf), and it's enough to set even Arnold's steel-rod of a jaw a-quiver. In February 2005, 56% of voters were inclined to reelect Arnold, while only 42% wanted the guy gone. Now 39% want another go on the governator's merry-go-round while 57% want to get off. Amazingly, the news gets worse (for Arnold).

In trial heats with his failr unknown challengers, the politicians all hold leads while the potential stars all fall short. Phil Angelides beats him 46%-42%, up from a 35%-52% obliteration in February. Steve Westly also leads, 44%-40%, up from 33%-52%. Rob Reiner loses to Arnold, 44%-42% and so, unfortunately, does Warren Beatty, 46%-37%. Looks like I misjudged the electorate here. Californians, it would seem, are done with Hollywood. And for that matter, done with Arnold.

Now, it's too early to declare victory. Arnold's going to have a wrecking ball of a campaign machine with a fairly unbelievable amount of cash on-hand, and if he's able to pass the ballot initiative barring unions from making political contributions, Democrats are going to be in trouble, financially. But these aren't bad numbers for him, they're dismal. Who knows? Maybe the rumors will come true and Arnold will bow out after a single term. But, while that'd be nice, I'd much rather see the bookish Angelides beat him, and, at his first press conference, instruct an aide to ask: "Phil! Phil! What is best in life?"

The answer?

"To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of the women." Watching that come out of Angelides mouth on TV would be the greatest moment of my life.