The Bain of Mitt’s Campaign

Of all the bizarre aspects of the Republican presidential race—and they have been gloriously plentiful—nothing has been odder than the kid-glove treatment accorded the likeliest nominee. While every other pretender, from Donald Trump to Rick Santorum, has had his record and rhetoric parsed and pilloried, Mitt Romney has sailed through months (heck, years) of campaigning and oodles of debates without so much as a nick or scratch. Until now. Sunday’s New Hampshire debate featured memorable smackdowns by Jon Huntsman and Newt Gingrich. But far more ominous for the former Massachusetts governor is the sudden dam-burst of criticism of the central rationale for his campaign: Romney’s job-creating business experience at Bain Capital, which the candidate argues makes him uniquely qualified to be America’s recession-era CEO. Among the revelations, The Wall Street Journal reported today on the high rate of bankruptcies and closures among the companies Bain invested in during Romney’s tenure. Ezra Klein dug into Romney’s job-creation claim at Saturday night’s debate—more than 100,000 net jobs—and found it “untrue.”  And while Romney maintains a wide lead in New Hampshire polls and a smaller edge in South Carolina, his opponents are—very belatedly—howling about Bain’s takeover tactics. The attacks will soon ramp up when the Gingrich campaign airs “When Mitt Romney Came to Town,” a 27-minute ad, in South Carolina; the trailer calls Romney a “corporate raider.” While Romney’s previous placid march to the nomination might not be halted, we’re surely—finally—glimpsing a preview of what a general-election campaign will produce. 


So They Say

"You betta vote! Remember, this country was founded by a bunch of men wearing wigs!"
Drag superstar RuPaul, greeting fans at the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire

Daily Meme: Here Comes Huntsman!? 

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  • Washington Post: After Sunday’s debate, he’s “suddenly Mr. Popular.” 
  • Jonathan Carl: “He might just be moving the market.”
  • Real Clear Politics: He’s finally drawing crowds, and can “feel the surge.”  


What We're Writing

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Poll of the Day

Mitt Romney has fallen in overnight tracking by Suffolk University/7News for the fifth straight day—but retains a healthy lead in New Hampshire with 33 percent to Ron Paul’s 20 and Huntsman’s 13.