Never mind what I said yesterday. Fuck the DLC. Jesus Christ -- how does Al From sleep at night?

Update: This wasn't the DLC so, uh, never mind the post. It was the House New Democrat Coalition, which is basically the DLC-identified members of Congress, all of whom are whoring themselves out for contributions from the credit companies. They know the bill is going to pass, they know Hastert will bring it to the floor, and they've evidently concluded that they might as well flush ethics down the toilet and look like they're out front pushing the legislation so, later, they can tell the Credit Industry lobbyists how good they've been and, incidentally, how vulnerable they are in their districts.

On the subject of the DLC, I would feel much better about retracting the above if they mentioned the Bankruptcy Bill somewhere on their website. When even Ed Kilgore is silent, you know their opposition isn't too strong, if it indeed exists at all. And this isn't just a hasty judgment while I wait for the site's weekly update; their organization has two blogs and a daily e-mail dispatch, none of which have said a word about the legislation. If they wanted to attack it, they could. In fact, this could have been their Sister Souljah moment, when they proved themselves unwilling to curry corporate favor by supporting bad legislation, and in doing refuted all those who call them the corporate wing of the Democratic party. They passed. Which is a shame, because it would have been nice for their defenders, of which I'm reliably one, to have been able to say, "That all may be true, but you remember the lead role they took in fighting the Bankruptcy Bill? They were strong when it counted." No such luck.

Update 2: Since this post is getting new life through Atrios's link, I should mention that The Moose put up a note on the bankruptcy bill late yesterday. He didn't take a stand against the legislation, instead accusing Republicans of hypocrisy for throwing the nation into debt and then passing a bill against debtors, but at least he mentioned it. I still believe the DLC should have taken a clear and unequivocal position opposing the bill, but it's no longer true that everybody on their site has ignored the giveaway.