BAUER, MEET CHERTOFF. Thanks to the redoubtable, and ludicrously well-married, Mr. TBogg for finding this bit of comedy gold.

If you missed Bruce Springsteen's little gavotte with Soledad O'Brien this morning on CNN, you missed his making the point to Sunshine that no network on which Ann Coulter ever has appeared can credibly ask musicians about being qualified to speak out on politics. Seriously, do you think Coulter -- or for that matter, Ken Mehlman -- knows more than Springsteen does about any pressing issue of the day? Mehlman's an automaton, and Coulter's from the Planet Of The UltraVixens. Yes, Soledad, better we leave the serious stuff to you guys and to those deep thinkers at places like the Heritage Foundation who, I'm sure, are going to look positively darling in their Savile Row suits and Jack Bauer t-shirts. Send the bill for the Chee-Tos to the Olin Foundation.

--Charles P. Pierce