Behold The Scourge Of NeoCommunism!


Media Matters reads Andy McCarthy's book, in which, reflecting Michelle Malkin's habit of manufacturing colorful but meaningless political epithets, he refers to President Obama as a "neocommunist" who is "disposed" to "advance the cause of Islam in the world."

Obama professes a love for this country. So does many an Islamist. What they love, however, is a vision of America, not America as it is: E Pluribus Unum -- the Many who are transformed into One by freedom, not ideology. For the president as for the Islamists, the object of their affection is not our Unum, the glorious inheritance we pluribus cherish through generations past, present, and (one prays) future. That Unum earns only their disdain.

Move through Obama's career as a community organizer, his embrace of ACORN, his radical associations: the common denominator is a purpose to break down the Unum at its foundations, what he calls the "grass roots." For America, he plans an atom bomb. Or, to be precise, an atoms bomb: countless communities in cities and towns across the land, organized along Saul Alinsky's brand of Marxism, into socialist enclaves. It fits hand in glove with Yusuf Qaradawi's voluntary apartheid, the enclave strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood. Each atom smothers the individual freedom and enterprise that have defined the American character, replacing them with welfare states that prize dysfunction and reward the rabble-rousers.

It's not just that McCarthy ties everything he dislikes to an Islamist conspiracy to take over the United States, it's he genuinely believes that all the things he dislikes
are all connected to a secret Islamist conspiracy to take over the United States. The sad part is that the man's ravings are the part of the intellectual foundation for the right's newfound penchant for treating all American Muslims as potential "stealth Islamists."

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