Bill Clinton's Still Got It.

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CNN reports that Democrats plan to deploy former President Bill Clinton at every opportunity as midterm campaigning ramps up and Democrats seek to build momentum in swing states where President Obama isn't particularly popular. Already, Democratic strategists plan to use Clinton in his home state of Arkansas, where Sen. Blanche Lincoln faces a tough re-election battle against Congressman John Boozman, and Kentucky, where Democratic nominee Jack Conway is facing off against Tea Party favorite Rand Paul. Clinton's continued popularity is a factor in this decision, but it's also the case that his presidency fits into the narrative Obama is trying to establish for fall's elections: Like Clinton, Obama is only trying to clean up after years of Republican management.

To be honest, I've never been a huge admirer of the Clinton administration, but I have always been impressed by Clinton's performance on the campaign trail. Not only is he a tireless campaigner, but he can still connect with audiences across the country and make a real difference in congressional races. That he can do this a decade after he left office is simply incredible. Obama is a great politician, but I'm not sure that even he can match Clinton's preternatural political skills.

-- Jamelle Bouie

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