Blogger's Paradox

Drezner writes:

Will I still be blogging in five years? I honestly don’t know, but my suspicion is that if I do, there will be plenty of sabbaticals thrown in. One undeniable effect of having a successful blog is the inculcation of a sense of duty to keep up regular posts. Even the thought of blogging on a regular basis for half a decade exhausts me. However, the thought of not blogging about the interesting ideas or information that comes my way bothers me even more.

The will-I-be-doing-this-in-a-decade thought experiment is a favorite parlor game of mine and I have to say, Drezner gets it exactly right. Blogging -- particularly solo-blogging -- is an intense sport, and I have trouble imagining this level of output stretching off into the future. But the trouble I have with that absolutely pales in comparison to the cognitive disruption I get when I try to imagine not blogging at all.