FROM THE BLOGOFASCIST HIMSELF. If Markos Zunigas is the Mussolini of the anti-establishment, anti-incumbent movement known as blogofascism, Duncan Black -- better known as Atrios -- is its Giovanni Gentile, the in-house philosopher who laid out its norms and intellectual structure. So it's nice to see him repairing to the dead tree confines of the Los Angeles Times op-ed page to explain the animus against Joe Lieberman. "For too long," writes Duncan, "[Lieberman] has defined his image by distancing himself from other Democrats, cozying up to right-wing media figures and, at key moments, directing his criticisms at members of his own party instead of at the Republicans in power." What follows is a wide-ranging and convincing list of examples that aptly illustrate why Lieberman's loathsomeness extends far beyond mere ideology. If you're still confused over why Holy Joe provokes such rage while Dianne Feinstein attracts little notice, Duncan's explanation is well worth reading.

--Ezra Klein