Boosting the Brand

I've been wondering why we don't see more political ads aimed at boosting parties as a whole, rather than particular candidates. Given that many voters will walk into voting booths with no idea who the downticket candidates are, spending money on improving the Democratic brand might win more votes than giving the cash to individual candidates. And there are lots of advantages that the Democratic Party as a whole is in position to claim. I've mentioned the deficit reduction stuff, but I'm also wondering if there's a nice way to sell parts of our anti-terrorism plan on TV. I'm not sure what the prospects for catchy jingles are here, but I'd like to see what some smart people would come up with. Maybe MoveOn could do another contest like the one where they came up with that great deficit ad. The media covers political ad buys heavily enough that even if we buy only a few spots in select markets, our message will probably reverberate for a while.

--Neil the Werewolf