CALLING FOR RUMMY'S HEAD. Senator Joseph Lieberman sought, on yesterday's edition of Face the Nation, to prove that he really wasn't Bush's point man on the war in Iraq, after all. This he did by calling for the dumping of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Kinda like shooting fish in a barrel, don't cha think?

According to a Pew Research Center poll conducted between April 7 and April 16, 2006, 38 percent of respondents rated Rumsfeld�s favorably, while 40 percent did the same for the president. Now with Bush's rating having dipped to 33 percent, according to the most recent AP-Ipsos poll, it's difficult to imagine that Rummy's hasn't continued its downward slide.

Asked by Schieffer to illustrate his differences with President Bush on the conduct of the Iraq War, all Lieberman, the anti-Democrat Democrat, was able to offer was his call for Rummy's head.

Over at NBC's Meet the Press, Senator John McCain, the maverick-in-name-only Republican, fell absurdly short of calling for Rumsfeld's resignation by saying that the president was entitled to his choice of cabinet officials. However, when asked if he had confidence in the defense secretary's prosecution of the war, McCain said he did not.

Gee, ya think McCain and Lieberman are vying for those Bush-machine dollars?

In the meantime, on FOX News Sunday," Senator Chuck Hagel became what Republicans probably regard as the anti-Republican Republican:

"I think we've lost our way," Hagel said. "And I think the Republicans are going to be in some jeopardy for that and will be held accountable."

--Adele M. Stan