Campaigns and Elections Text

Daron Shaw, Matt Grossmann, and Keena Lipsitz, and I have a newly published text on campaign and elections that might be of interest to some readers.  It’s intended for classroom use and would, I think, be appropriate for advanced high school students or undergraduates.  We tried in the book to do three things.  First, we cover all sorts of campaigns—presidential, congressional, state, local.  Second, although presenting a lot of political science evidence, we also discuss the actual nitty-gritty of canpaign strategy from the point of view of consultants and other campaign professionals.  Third, we engage a lot of normative questions about campaigns, including debates over campaign finance, the Electoral College, and other topics.  Accompanying the book are a host of ancillaries, such as group exercises, videos, instructor resources, and the like.

The book is here (Norton) or here (Amazon).  Apologies for the self-promotion!