It's sad to say, but the US has begun acting like a freshman fraternity pledge in international meetings, clinging desperately to some absurd point that their frat brothers insisted they promote. Only the US isn't an annoying freshmen, it's the world's superpower. And it's not being controlled by fraternity officials, but by the Christian Right. And we're holding up and even derailing international summits along the way. Like this conference, arranged on the 10th anniversary of the historic U.N Women's Conference in Beijing in order to evaluate progress towards female equality. We've decided that the summit can't take another step until the attending delegates pass a resolution declaring that women have no right to an abortion. No, I'm not kidding. 10 years ago, the delegates agreed that abortion was a public health issue and where it was legal it should be safe. That's it. But the US, and more to the point, this Administration, wants a resolution affirming that choice is not a human right. And they want it because Dobson and Falwell want it, and this is the only place they can get it without triggering an electoral backlash. You as ashamed as I am?