Via The Carpetbagger we get a Roll Call article on Wesley Clark's continuing efforts to insinuate himself into the national Democratic structure as the go-to guy on national security. As The Bagger says:

The implications in the 2008 race are obvious, and the article notes that Clark is continuing to cultivate his relationships with key Dem leaders, including Reps. Charlie Rangel (N.Y.) and Rahm Emanuel (Ill.). Of course, it’s not just beltway activities either — Clark is maintaining a busy speaking schedule with Dems across the country, including a speech next month at the annual Flag Day Dinner of the Manchester City Democratic Committee in New Hampshire.

Indeed, the article suggests that Clark retains a surprising depth of support within the Democratic establishment. Rangel says, on the record, that Clark would have won the election, while Tom Harkin, the article implies, wanted to endorse him in Iowa up until he pulled out. Speculation for the next round seems to settle on Hillary, Edwards, Warner and the others -- Clark is rarely mentioned. Maybe the pundits should reconsider that omission. If nothing else, the man's Democratic credentials, and intraparty trust, will be well established come 2008.