CLASSLESS. Nobody admires...

CLASSLESS. Nobody admires Markos Moulitsas more than I do for breaking new ground, and for unleashing as much political energy as he has during an apathetic age.

But linking to the unspeakable Wonkette's photos of Brian Bilbray's kids at a party is a cheap shot unworthy of his site. (I'm linking neither to Kos nor to his source material. Find it yourself, if you suddenly find yourself lacking any class whatsoever.) Bilbray's spent his entire career as a wholly owned subsidiary. He's fair game. But his 19-year-old daughter has a right to as unruly a social life as, say, I had without having the photographic proof spread all over the Internets. Absent a criminal charge, a politician's kid should be out of bounds. I have no use for Wonkette under either its old or new management, but Kos should be better than this.

-- Charles P. Pierce